Content Writing Is Like Sushi. You Get What You Pay For.

sushi0Today, a popular blog for affiliates posted an article about getting quality content from a source (which I won’t name) for $12.50 per 500 word article. I was kind of shocked about this.


Well, let’s do the math. I’m a fast writer and a very speedy typist (80+ wpm).  It typically takes me 30 minutes to one hour to write an article of 500 words depending on the topic and the amount of research required.

After writing for over two decades, how could I work for $12.50 per hour? Let’s not forget that I’m also responsible for taxes, social security, and my many business-related expenses such as a computer, Internet, health insurance, marketing costs, etc. So, this works out to be about $6.00 an hour. Um, this doesn’t make any sense, and no experienced writer would accept a job for this price. There’s a funny Esurance commercial running right now that compares cheap car insurance to cheap sushi. I think the same thing applies to content writing.

Yet, many business owners still don’t see the value in a writer. Perhaps, it’s because everyone can write to a certain extent. However, very few can write in the style required for the Internet for converting website visitors into paying customers.

I’m fortunate that I have clients who value the benefit of having a good writer on their team. My content helps them make sales, get publicity, move up in the search engine rankings, and build their brand. Yes, there’s a real value to what I provide.  And, it can be measured!

If you’re a business owner who needs writing, I’m hoping that you think about this post the next time you hire a writer. Would you really trust someone making $6.00 an hour to be the voice of your brand? …Probably not the best idea. Good writing is worth its weight in gold, and you should pay for it as you would any other professional service.

Ok, I’m off of my soap box now, so enjoy this classic song from Otis Redding. And, if you need some high quality content that won’t make you queasy, drop me a line.

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