Step on the Gas and Wipe That Tear Away

Yesterday, I was talking to a new friend about life and shared some of the highlights and lowlights of the last several years. I mentioned the passing of my grandma, my stepdad, and the serious illness of my father. There were of course Judd’s two hospital stays, the divorce, and what led up to it, too.

When I strung these tough times together in my story to him, it sounded a little too much like a poorly written soap opera! It definitely has not been all fun and games over the last six or seven years, but from all of these challenges sent my way, I have perhaps developed some ability to compartmentalize things, stay positive, and keep moving. Thank goodness for that.

I think this acquired ability to put problems aside and forge onward is what enables me to run my own business and deal with multiple clients each and every day. Very rarely do I have a day where I work on one project. My daytime hours are usually filled with talking to clients in very different industries, learning about the products and services they’re marketing, and of course, writing.

Sometimes, clients move on and new ones come on board. It’s ever changing in a way that’s very different from working for one employer. Maybe not so surprisingly, my friends who are also business owners, contractors, and entrepreneurs have similar stories of significant challenges and tenacity to keep going. Maybe adversity is what fuels our desire to want to do something other than the typical 8 to 5 job.

gas pedalSome days, things don’t always go well, but there just isn’t time to ruminate on the issues at hand. If I spent my hours dwelling on what isn’t going quite right, I would be cutting into the time that I could be working and making money to support the two most important people in my life – Rex and Judd. That’s a luxury I can’t afford.

As I was driving the other day, I heard a Beatle’s song that you just don’t hear that often on the radio – “You Never Give Me Your Money” on Abbey Road. My mom played this album over and over when I was a very little girl, and I know the words to this song by heart.

Interestingly this time I heard the old song, a particular lyric jumped out at me. About half way through it, Sir Paul belts out “step on the gas and wipe that tear away.” And, you know what? Sometimes in life and in work, that’s exactly what you have to do. You have to suck it up and move on. And, is that all so bad? If it was good enough for the Beatles, I think it’s good enough for me, too.

Have a listen…

Song of the Day: You Never Give Me Your Money, the Beatles


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