No More Words of Wisdom on Facebook Please!!

I like Facebook as much as the next person. Hey, I might like it more than most of my Facebook friends considering I manage business Facebook accounts for a living. Yet lately, I’ve been getting increasingly turned off with something on there that seems to be becoming more and more prominent.

It’s these darn little spiritual, feel good images (rainbows, Buddahs, sunrises, yoga poses, etc.) accompanied by words of wisdom. Here are a couple of examples that I just found today on my news feed…



Here’s why I dislike them.

First, I read these little valuable  nuggets of spiritual insight, and I think to myself, “Ah, that’s it. That’s what I should be thinking or doing.” But, then I scroll down a bit more and see the 30% off EVERYTHING at Land’s End, and the advice goes right out the window.

Then, I try and remind myself of who posted the thing I should have remembered, and I say, “Hmmm.” They’re not all that more spiritual, together, insightful than I am. Why the heck are they posting this stuff on Facebook?”

Of course, I ponder the possibility that maybe I’m not that deep of a person to get the message in the first place, and then I ultimately head to the kitchen and eat some Pepperidge Farm pretzel goldfish.

This is the life of a content writer. Sad, but true!

It’s all a little frustrating for me. Does anyone else have the same opinion? Or, am I just getting old and crabby? Could there be a touch of holier than thouness (I made that one up) in the individuals that post these messages? Or, are they trying to simply give me a better life by providing  a few words of encouragement.

I don’t know, but I’m sticking to posting pix of my boys and snarky blog posts like these.

Song of the Day: Over My Head, Fleetwood Mac

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  1. Just read this and enjoy your perspective!

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