The Boys’ Inspiring Adaptability

boysLast week, my two boys started a new elementary school. I was anxious about how they were going to handle the big move. Honestly, my worry has kept me up at night. I felt that ol’ mommy guilt that only we moms truly understand. What if they weren’t able to make new friends? What if the teachers were mean? Would there be a bully? What if they just didn’t like it? Ugggh!

Guess what?

They headed off to school last Wednesday and haven’t missed a beat. Already, they’ve made new friends, been invited to parties, and have decided that the new school is “way better” than the old school. A better playground, bigger bathrooms, and a “man art teacher.” How cool is that?!!

I’ve learned a valuable lesson in how to adapt to change from Rex and Judd. They’re inspiring in their ability to just get on with it. They jumped right in, and are doing great. I sure hope they keep this very cool trait. It will serve them very well as they continue down their paths. And, it’s been a great lesson for me, too!

…One more wonderful chapter in being a parent.

Song of the Day: A Change Is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke

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  1. I so know that feeling…we just moved in the middle of the school year in 2012 and I was really hoping that my 9yo would adapt well – and she did. Glad to hear your boys are enjoying their new school 🙂

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