Delighting in a Green Bear

judd and green bearJudd is doing great in his first grade class at his new school down the street from where we live. He has made friends, likes his teacher, and seems to be truly getting on just fine with the day-to-day routine. I’m breathing a sigh of relief. And, I’m still amazed by his adaptability during this challenging time.

One of the cute little activities that they have in Judd’s class is called “Green Bear.” The class has a stuffed green, fluffy bear that is taken home by one student each week. When chosen, the students are to take Green Bear with them wherever they go for their week, take photos, and journal about what they do with him. Together, they are creating a “Green Bear” book that they will share at the end of the year.

This week, Judd has Green Bear. He’s over the moon about it. Yesterday, he came home from school so excited that he was given the responsibility of taking care of him. Last night Green Bear was tucked securely under Judd’s arm as he went to sleep, and this morning he sat with him while he ate his cereal.

We’re busy working out what activities we’re going to tackle with our verdant house guest for the week. Should we take Green Bear to Phoenix on the light rail? Would he like to go to Grandma’s? Maybe, he’ll help us make cupcakes?

It’s funny how something so seemingly small is having such a big impact on six year old Judd. How great to be excited about a stuffed green bear! One of the many gifts of having children – you do truly get to delight in little things that would otherwise seem ridiculous and small. If Judd is excited about Green Bear, well then, so am I!

Sure, there are times when I have a fleeting moment of envy of those who don’t have children and have copious amounts of time to partake in grown-up activities. Maybe I don’t get to enjoy a late night dinner out or sleep in when I feel like it. But, I do get to share my days with two wonderful boys who find excitement in little things like a green bear.

Song of the Day: Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Henry Hall and His Orchestra


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2 responses to “Delighting in a Green Bear

  1. Val Sutherland

    I love this idea. So many options. Perhaps you should both make green eggs and ham or ride in a green taxi. Get your Irish on girl and embrace the green bear with the excited young man I had the privilage to see and hold at a few hours old and help shape he and Rex for a few short years. Love those boys with all my heart and always will. You too Jules.

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