Time to Get Away

ssfIn a couple of weeks, I’m going on a little celebratory getaway with my mom. She’s turning 70, and we’re heading to San Francisco to revisit all the places we love about our old stomping grounds. Most of these are restaurants, but we’re also going to do some shopping and sightseeing. I do feel especially fortunate to have grown up in such an amazing place as the San Francisco Bay Area.

While I have a slight tinge of guilt about leaving my boys for a few days while I have some fun, I do know that I’ll return recharged and ready for the fall. And gosh, how often does your mom turn 70?

We’re busy setting up our busy schedule that includes Harry’s Hofbrau, Pancho Villa’s, Duarte’s in Pescadero, Copenhagen Bakery, Great Eastern in Chinatown, Westlake Joes, Woodside Deli, the Ferry Building, and a much overdue trip to Alcatraz. Neither one of us has every stepped foot on the Rock.

And, we’ll be taking that proverbial trip down memory lane to visit where she grew up, where I grew up, and some of the notorious spots around the Bay that are part of the countless memories we have of home.

Sometimes, a trip back to where you came from is the perfect way to get excited about what the future holds.

San Francisco here we come.

Song of the Day: Time to Get Away, Moody Blues

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