Why Are We All So Dehydrated?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m certainly not a doctor or a medical researcher. But, since this is my blog, I’m going out on a limb and throwing out the theory that we’ve all become a little too hyper-focused on being dehydrated.

My older son Rex was nearly panicked this afternoon because his water bottle that he carries around with him at school was empty when he got home. Ok, I get that we live in Arizona, and it’s hot. Kids need water. But, he’s not going to shrivel up from fluid loss sitting in an air conditioned classroom. However, he has been conditioned to believe that something bad will happen if he’s not in close proximity to an icy thermos of water at all times.

Flash back thirty years when I was in school. We weren’t allowed to drink water during class. We waited until recess and drank from a water fountain that smelled like dirty sponges. At lunch, we were issued an 8 ounce carton of milk that also smelled like dirty sponges. That was it. Somehow, I managed to survive despite the fact that I ran around like a banshee during recess. When I got home from school, I drank a swig of Tang or Hawaiian Punch, and I was good for another couple of hours outside. Somehow, I didn’t shrivel up or go into a dehydrated coma.

I began pondering the idea that we’ve become water-obsessed the other day when I was getting my obligatory pedicure. Yes, it’s a must when you live in a place where sandals are the year-round footwear.  Anyway, a heavy set lady who clearly hasn’t been hitting the gym on a regular basis came strolling in carrying a very large bottle of designer water fit for an iron man triathlete. Was getting her heels scrubbed that much of a workout that she needed two liters of electrolyte infused water? And, I’ve seen similar scenes countless other times. In business meetings, water bottles are always handed out. There are multiple jugs of water at the gym. At church, people knock back water while singing in the name of the Lord. I guess this gives new meaning to “living water.”

Our water fanaticism all began when plastic bottles of water hit the market about 25 years ago. And, the craziness has only continued since then. We now have multiple drink holders in our cars to hold our convenience cups. There’s smart water, spring water, imported water, and organic water. Whatever happened to the ol’ drinking fountain? Or, pouring yourself a glass from the tap during a meal? We all now have to be drinking hyper-purified water from plastic or metal containers around the clock.

I’m a tad uncomfortable raising two boys to believe that they’re somehow risking their health if they don’t have constant access to a BPA-free bottle full of agua. It’s a little weird. I want to raise strong boys who are ok with the drinking fountain in a pinch.

Anyway, this is just an odd pet peeve of mine. Not sure if anyone else feels the same way. But, I do still get a kick out of sipping form a drinking fountain whenever I get the chance.

Song of the Day: Water, The Who

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  1. Great choice of songs 🙂
    And I used to work at a community college and I got to know a professor of hydrobiology. Cool title. He studied the water systems in Central New York and was often a media spokesperson for water contamination, purification, etc. I remember him saying that the biggest scam going on was the bottled water industry. Most of it’s just tap water – and yet it’s packaged so beautifully in an effort to make us think that it comes from some holistic spring. He never bought bottled water – he just used the old water fountains and he was perfectly happy. And he saved a few bucks, too.
    Good lesson 🙂

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