Reason #285 for Working from Home – Avoiding the Corporate Lingo

stroftThere are so many reasons why it’s such a wonderful thing to work from home. From being able to pick my boys up every afternoon from school to not having to sit in a cubicle, the perks are undeniable.

After participating in a conference call yesterday with several individuals who aren’t as fortunate as me to be able to have a home office, I realized a whole new reason why home-based employment is so great.

I’m not exposed eight hours a day to obnoxious corporate speak. I haven’t added to my everyday vocabulary an ever-shifting list of fad words that seem to spew from so many mouths of otherwise intelligent people.

What words are we talking about? Here are a few that I heard yesterday in a 30 minute conference call:

All Hands on Deck – If I had been working on a maritime project, this may have been an appropriate phrase to throw out yesterday. Rather, it was a launch of a new tech product, not a boat!

Automagically – I nearly burst out laughing when I heard this come out of the mouth of one of the phone call participants who I don’t care to name here on my blog. Hybrid fake words are the height of ridiculousness. The last decent one was coined by Northern when they proclaimed their toilet paper was indeed both strong and soft. In other words, it was “stroft!” Maybe, I should throw out “stroft” in my next corporate pow-wow. I could start a new trend.

Ping – This one annoys the crap out of me. You can call me, text me, Skype me, or email me, but please don’t ping me unless you have a paddle and a little white ball in your hand, and you want me to pong you back.

Out of Pocket – I had to look up this dumb phrase after I heard it. I guess it means that someone is unavailable or offline. It used to be an accounting term that meant you paid for something that you want to be reimbursed for. How the heck did it turn into “don’t try calling, because I won’t pick up the phone?”

Touch Base – Isn’t it just easier to say, “Let’s talk later?”

There were other choice corporate words and phrases mentioned during this call, but I should probably stop here before I get found out for writing about the ridiculousness of it all.

Fortunately, I have only limited exposure to these dumb words and phrases. They won’t be infiltrating my regular vocabulary. And, if I do suddenly have an urge to “ping” someone, I’ll know I need to spend more time “OOO.” That’s “out of the office” for those not privy to corporate speak.

Song of the Day: Talk Talk

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One response to “Reason #285 for Working from Home – Avoiding the Corporate Lingo

  1. hi julie…wow, “long time no speak”, ugh more “phraseology”. let’s put a date on the “cali” to connect soon by phone. THANK YOU for this recent post on corporate speak. YOU put a HUGE smile on my face. i totally understand your viewpoint. however, i view “corporate lingo” as a form of “bonding” for these individuals who spend way more time at work than they do with their families — it’s there own language, a way for them to connect and secretly say, we are all drinking from the same cooler and we will survive together. i also look at the home office vs. corporate world structure as a way of creating balance in this world. you cannot have light without darkness, good without bad, right without wrong…many people thrive in the corporate world and there are so many good things about it…especially the corporations who fund different types of positive research and also create medical cures for life-threatening diseases…have i gone way off topic? well, just as there is a lid for every pot, there is a corporate or home office structure that will fit each person, but it is ultimatelly their CHOICE where they will plant their roots, even if it is just a temporary stopover before entrepreneurship. talk soon julie 🙂 – laney

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