About Me

julieandtheboysHi! I’m Julie. I’m a busy mom and a small business owner. Although, I have basically been in marketing and public relations since college, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom when “Rex” arrived. He certainly kept me busy, and a couple of years later Judd decided to make his way into the world, too.

With two young boys, my plan was to focus on being a mom until they reached kindergarten. Well, life sometimes throws you some curveballs.

After a series of family challenges and a divorce, I’m now a single mother. I launched Sourdough Communications and SayCurrent so that I could be home with my boys, and I fortunately have been able to turn my corporate marketing and copywriting experience into a growing business.

I’m a firm believer in staying positive and continuously working towards achieving your best. And, this is what I’m focused on for my boys and for myself. As my mother always said, “No one said life was easy.” And, my life certainly isn’t. But, it’s an adventure, and I’m lucky for all that I have. This blog is dedicated to helping motivate others who have also bravely taken the challenge of becoming business owners.

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