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Is Social Media Impersonal or Does It Make Us More Personable?

The other day my dad was in town, and we were talking about Facebook over burgers at Houston’s in Scottsdale. He isn’t a fan of social media and thinks that it’s all very impersonal. As dad put it, “If I want to talk to someone, I’ll pick up the phone and call them.”

 Ok, Dad has a point. However, I believe that there’s much more to the story that Dad might not be considering. Since I’ve joined Facebook, I have reconnected with friends from the 1970s, met some great new friends who connected with me after my business was featured on CNN, and even found a long lost second cousin who had lost touch of our side of the family since 1953. All of these people make my day-to-day life richer and wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the benefits of making connections over the Internet.

 Besides the personal connections that I’ve made, I truly believe that I wouldn’t have a business today if it wasn’t for the ever increasing need for content on the Internet. …And, much of this is driven by social media. Businesses need good writing that they can provide to their customers, and this is what I do best.

 I use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to chat with my business clients and friends and have become far more social than back in the days when I had to pick up the phone to say hi to someone. I send b-day greetings via Facebook, refer friends for jobs using LinkedIn, and distribute links of interesting information via Twitter to my followers. Social media hasn’t made me impersonal. Quite the contrary, it’s actually made this somewhat introverted person far more personable!

 While I respect Dad’s preference for the phone, I have a higher regard for the benefits of social media. It streamlines my life, opens up new opportunities, and lets me be social in a way that works for me.

 For those who haven’t seen this, this clip about the social media revolution is worth checking out.


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