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What Can Bob the Wonder Poodle Teach Us about the Power of Social Media?

Courtesy of BobtheWonderPoodle.com

If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you might have read some buzz about the mysterious fan group “Can This Poodle Wearing a Tinfoil Hat Get More Fans than Glenn Beck?”

 If so, you’ve probably wondered about this cute little pup. And, what’s his beef with the Fox News poster boy?

 Well, Bob the Wonder Poodle is the brainchild of web developer Dale Blank. He was inspired by the Facebook phrase “Can this (random object) get more fans than (scorned object).

 Thoroughly disgusted with the “fear-mongering tactics” of Fox New TV host Glenn Beck, Blank wanted to “create an image that combined both sincerity and paranoia to grow a fan base of individuals who are choosing to support “Bob”.

 The results? In less than two weeks, the poodle with the Reynolds Wrap chapeau had over a quarter million Facebook fans.

 Of course, I joined the legions of fans. Not only does Bob look just  like my dog “Bingo” when I was a little girl, he also speaks to my particular political views and sense of humor, I’m also thoroughly amazed by this hilariously peculiar viral movement.

 Bob the Poodle has clearly demonstrated the power of social media through connectivity. His group has allowed over 250,000 people to connect with each other and share their thoughts and frustrations about something that they all agree upon. This ability to communicate with a growing audience based on the exponential reach of one’s network, built on a friend’s network and so on and so on provides a never seen before opportunity for Bob the Poodle to succeed. This simply wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.

 For those who still downplay the importance of social media, I say take a look at Bob. His number of fans is increasing by leaps and bounds daily. No, you might not be able to expand your fan base by 250,000 in two weeks, but you can grow a healthy group of followers, fans, readers, customers by reaching out to your network who will then take it from there.

 Be part of the phenomenon and join Bob and his loyal fans today.

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